Tax season part one: The Gathering

Tax season part one: The Gathering

Tax season is almost upon us. Usually January is the only time of year I open every piece of mail that comes to me, because you never know when an envelope will contain some form of tax document. Usually they are marked with “tax document enclosed”, but some places (like my mortgage company) have chosen […]

Joint Mortgages And The Risks If You Split Up

The majority of mortgages in the UK are in joint names, but it seems that old small print clauses from years gone by have not been removed. The clauses refer to the liability for payment of outstanding debts if a share of the property is used as collateral for a loan. The problem comes whereby […]

HIPs And The Rush To Sell

It has emerged that the debacle which is Home Information Packs (HIPs) may have had more of an impact upon the housing market than first thought. Data from the last two months has shown an unexplained rise in the number of homes for sale, against historic trends and totally unexpected. Did the HIPs situation play […]